High quality Helios Paint

Fresh Touch Paint by Emoji Fresh is a top quality paint as supplied to many vehicle manufacturers. Fresh Touch Paint is manufactured & sent from the UK. Dispatched within 2-3 working days. Free UK postage and packaging

Touch Up Bottle

Each bottle is 30ml, which has a small paintbrush inside read for easy application. This is perfect for scratches, chips, minor crash damage etc.

  • Just Paint - 30ml
  • Paint & Lacquer - 2 x 30ml
  • Paint & Primer & Lacquer - 3 x 30ml

Touch Up Pen

Handy 20ml touch up bottle, with a fine needle on the end for intricate applications and a fine brush internally.

  • Just Paint  - 20ml
  • Paint & Lacquer - 2 x 20ml
  • Paint & Primer & Lacquer - 3 x 20ml

Disclaimer: Please note all colours used below are simply for demonstrative purposes only. Actual items are professionally made to the exact colour specification you select.