Mega Mounts Mini Universal CD Slot Magnetic Phone Mount

Save 9%
  • Powerful Magnet
  • Universal mount,compatible with all smartphones
  • Dock quickly with just one hand
  • Use with or without a case on your smartphone
  • You can still play CDs


Mount your smartphone effortlessly with our Mega Mounts CD slot universal mount .This car mount is so simple to install saving you lots of time,just simply place it against the mount and the magnetic technology will hold the phone with ease,we guarantee that your phone will not fall off the mount during your journey.Leave your car windscreen completely clear while still keeping your phone visible.With 360 degree rotation you are able to move your phone to your desired angle.


Featuring a cradle free design,this mount is compatible with any smartphone,so even if you have multiple phones you can dock easily without having to adjust the mount itself. This mount allows any smartphone no matter how big or how small to attach to the mount.The magnets that are supplied with the mount are so strong that you are able to even use the mount with a phone case on.

Instructions on how to set up the mount

1.) Clean the adhesion surface and wipe dry
2.) Peel the protective sheet off the adhesive tape that is on the metal plate
3.) Firmly apply the adhesive side to the surface
4.) Allow 30 minutes for adhesive to set before use
5.) Carefully slide the mount into your CD slot holder and you are ready to go!