Pokey Ball Emoji Car Air Freshener

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Another recently added air freshener to the growing collection that we offer.

A phenomenon known as ''Pokemon'' has made its way onto the various app stores across all mobile platforms and is back in the form of a game unlike any other. The ''Pokemon Pokeball'', is used for catching ''Pokemon''.

It''s a time-honored tradition that, to catch a ''Pokemon'', you throw a ball at it. Although we don''t encourage this at EmojiFresh it has been reported that many ''Pokemon'' are in fact attracted to the EmojiFresh ''Strawberry'' smelling ''Pokeball''.

Are you looking to catch them all? Then this is the air freshener for you.

Scent: Strawberry

Car Air Freshener Product Safety:
Suspend freely and prevent contact with any surface whatsoever
Not suitable for children
Not to be eaten